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Beauty For A Cause is a collective of quality skin and body products that are natural and cruelty free.  When you buy products from Beauty For A Cause donations will be made on your behalf to animals in need.


About the founder

Everyone's lives are a journey and mine has been no different. I have come to a place where my awareness of what is happening around me is now a huge motivator in my day to day life.  I am trying to make a difference, and helping others to make a difference as well.

I have been involved in the beauty and massage industry for 10 years and own Beauty For A Cause @ Face & Body Therapies Ulladulla.  The salon helps support seven orangutans and various animal welfare groups.  I believe by supporting these hard working organisations we can make a difference to the suffering and lives of those who cannot help themselves.  

It is important to me to make it as easy as possible for people to choose their beauty and wellness products as ethically as possible doing no harm to themselves, the environment, our beautiful animals and our magnificant planet.

I guess that it is important to you too!

Thank you so much .... x Karelle


Statements from our brands 

Organic Formulations

Makers of Organic Selections, Biologika, Uniquely Organic, Baby Organics, Riddells Creek and Emma Organics

Our products are Cruelty Free, Palm Oil Free, Natural, Organic, Australian owned and we are Certified Organic Processor.

Organic Formulations is an environmentally concerned company that has been involved in the manufacturing of skin, body and hair care, home, garden and pet products since 1999.  We offer a unique range of products developed exclusively for a 'Healthy Lifestyle in Complete Harmony with the Environment'


The Australian Natural Soap Company

We Love Animals! 

All our soaps are vegan. We do not use beeswax or any type of milks in any of our products.

The Australian Natural Soap Company is against animal testing and all our products are cruelty free.

All our soaps are also proudly 100% palm oil free.  The palm oil industry has been terribly devastating for orangutans in Malaysia and Indonesia, accounting for 30% of all forest loss in these two countries between 2005-2010.

What is particularly worrying is that it is very difficult for Australians to avoid consuming palm oil because it can be labelled here under many different names, including vegetable oil. In fact, the average Australian consumes 6 kilograms of palm oil every year - often without even knowing it.

This is an issue that we are very passionate about. Orangutans are extremely intelligent and beautiful creatures that are worth much more than a cheap and not particularly healthy oil. And we think one of the best ways to help bring about change is to offer real alternatives to palm oil products.

Corrynnes Natural Soaps

Absolutely cruelty free, vegan, natural & beautiful.

We have been hand making natural soaps and body products for over twenty years. We pride ourselves on making natural products that don't contain harmful chemical ingredients, but rather plant based and made to old fashioned cold process recipes.

Our soaps are famous for their superior lather and moisturising properties. We include a very generous amount of essential oils for their therapeutic benefits. They have an incredible smell which permeates through to the very last sliver.

We will always choose quality, environmentally friendly ingredients over cost. 

Corrynne’s Natural Soap supports the production of sustainable palm oil through the GreenPalm programme. This means that for every tonne of palm oil we use in the production of our soaps we have paid a voluntary premium to a palm oil producer which is operating within the RSPO’s strict guidelines for social and environmental responsibility. Our customers can therefore be reassured that in continuing to buy Corrynne’s Natural Soaps, they are making an environmentally and socially responsible purchasing decision.

GreenPalm is a certificate trading programme which is designed to tackle the environmental and social problems created by the production of palm oil. Exclusively endorsed by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), it works on the principle that the best way to encourage people to work in a sustainable and responsible way is to reward them for doing so.


We do not use Palm Oil directly in our products.  Unfortunately numerous formulations on the market are manufactured from raw materials whose original sources are not always apparent.  For this reason we only use ethical suppliers to ensure we remain environmentally conscious.

Our Aspect products are not tested on animals and we are cruelty free company.  Our testing is done on people.

We are a team of animal lovers and concerned about our impact on the environment.


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