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Bath Salts, Oils & Milks

Bath Salts, Bath Oils and Bath Milks

Our bath salts, oils and milks revitalise and hydrate all over naturally.  When you want your bath time to be a special time of relaxation then using bath salts, oils or milks enhance your feeling of mind body wellness.

Never underestimate the power of relaxation in your life, soothing the mind and body will reap the benefits of alertness and rejuvenation in the time ahead giving you greater health and less stress.

Bath Salts

The benefits of sea salts are nearly overwhelming containing mineral elements which are also present in our own bodies and help us to maintain good cellular function. The absorption of these mineral rich salts helps us to maintain optimal health.  Bath salts can also help with conditions such as psoriasis, muscle cramps, and arthritis.  As a relief from general body fatigue bath salts aid in allowing us to relax and enjoy a deeper sleep.

Bath Oils

Luxuriously hydrating, bath oils deeply soften and smooth the skin while providing deep relaxation.  Bath oils penetrate deep into the skin adding moisture and fragrance to provide you with the ultimate bath experience.  With bath oils providing relief from fatigue and calmness to the soul the aromatic experience is unsurpassed.  Bath oils also make the collagen in the skin supple and the result is a younger looking skin for longer.

Bath Milks

Our bath milks contain such ingredients as coconut milk, magnesium and oatmeal all very soothing for a sensitive and itchy skin.  Bath milks are an ancient secret used for centuries to soften and smooth the skin, relieving dryness and deeply hydrating.

Try and make your bath time special by having the lights low, or better still just candle light, a towel to support your neck and if you like some soft music.  Try to relax your mind and take the opportunity to just breathe, rest and enjoy.