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Body Butters & Lotions

Body Butters & Body Lotions

Our body butters and lotions smell gorgeous and hydrate naturally with rich ingredients to revitalise and soften your skin all over.  Natural body butters and lotions are the perfect answer to a dry and sometimes itchy skin delivering nourishing nutrition to every cell of your body.

Some people like a rich body moisturiser (body butter) and some like a lighter feel (body lotion) but everyone can benefit from the application of a moisturiser.

Body butters

Body butters are richer and thicker than a body lotion and are usually used on a drier skin.  A body butter will often contain shea butter which will give your skin a silky feel and are super hydrating.  An older skin will benefit from using a body butter as extra hydration as the skin produces less oil as we age.  A great extra ingredient for all types of skin is Kakadu Plum as it is the richest source known of Vitamin C and adds much needed nutrients to your skin.

Body lotions

If you like to keep your skin hydrated but don't like a 'thick' feel then a body lotion will be much more suited to you.  A lighter blend of ingredients it will smooth and hydrate the skin and yes, also deliver nutrients to have you glowing with health.

Body butters and body lotions are best used after a shower or bath when your skin is warm as you will find that it will penetrate faster and smooth on easier.  And yes it's okay to change - a lotion in the summer and a butter in the winter.

For a beautiful body treat always use after a skin smoothing body exfoliation and you will feel like you have just been to the spa!!