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Hands and Feet

Hands and Feet

Our hand and foot creams are deliciously thick, rich and completely natural.  Intense moisturising treatments for where you need it most, hand and foot creams soften dryness and provide nourishment to hard worked areas.

Dry hands and feet are a common problem and can sometimes even be painful because of cracked skin. These areas (elbows too) need thicker moisturisers because of a lack of oil glands and often a thinner skin.

Hand Creams

The skin on the back of our hands truly can make us look older than we are.  Protection, nourishment and sunscreen will help to stop age spots and discolouration.  Our hands are exposed to the elements every day and most of us never think to moisturise them as we do the rest of our body.  Exfoliation of the hands will give you a softness that feels wonderful and, of course, by removing the dead skin your then allow the moisturiser to thoroughly soak in.

Foot Creams

Our poor feet, they really do get a hard working out and nothing feels better than a foot soak, foot scrub, and massage with a rich, thick cream.  Ahhh, well we can help you out with everything but the massage.  When you use a foot soak (even better with magnesium flakes) it softens the skin and gets it ready to be exfoliated.  The rest you get when you just sit and soak is also a welcome time out to your week.

Exfoliating your feet gets rid of hard dead skin and also promotes healthy circulation vital to good blood flow.  Next your moisturising foot cream puts in vital moisture and nutrients to keep your feet in tip top condition and looking well cared for.

Hand and foot creams will have you no longer trying to hide these areas, be proud of the care you take of yourself and when you look at the difference you will be so glad you did.