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Men's Skin Care

Men's Skin care

In order to look your best, men's skin care involves good natural products and a good skin care regime.  Our mens skin care products are chosen for their effectiveness and also, of course, their ethics.  No perfumes, no chemicals, no testing on animals, and no palm oil.

Although men traditionally spend less time caring for their skin than women, they spend more time damaging their skin through outdoor activities, work conditions and lack of sunscreen.

We have a fabulous range of men's skin care that specifically addresses their different needs - a man's skin is thicker and usually oiler. Our products give a deep clean to make the skin smoother and fresher looking with natural oils like lemongrass, olive and lime, clays, and Cedarwood these products are long lasting and give great results.

Get better skin in 5 easy steps - Cleanse, Exfoliate, Moisturise, Protect your eyes, Protect your lips.

Cleansing: If you do nothing else, cleansing is the single most important thing you can do for your skin. Neglecting to wash away the excess oil and dirt can clog pores, which leaves the skin prone to breakouts. A good men's skin care cleanser will sometimes contain clay to draw out this excess oil.

Exfoliate: This gives you a deep down cleanse.  A good men's skin care exfoliant will often contain granules to help dislodge debris that normal washing can't touch.

Moisturise: Showering and shaving can open pores and allow precious moisturising water to escape, but a light moisturiser will fix this.  Often a moisturiser in a men's skin care product will also have a SPF sunscreen which also protects from damaging UVA rays.

Protect your eyes: Yes you guys an eye cream! This is one area that guys just don't think about.  The eye area is often one of the first signs of the ageing process in a man. In a men's skin care regime just putting it on once is not enough - be committed.

Protect your lips: The lips are extremely thin skinned and have no melanin to protect from UV or oil glands to keep moist. So don't forget this fragile area with a good application of lip balm.