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Dry, Mature, Anti Ageing Cleansers

Dry, Mature & Anti Ageing skin cleansers

Our cleansers are fabulous for dry, mature and anti ageing skin.  Wanting natural cleansers that do the job? That's exactly what we provide for you.

What a dry and mature skin seem to have in common is a lack of moisture.  Sometimes a dry skin can be caused by over exfoliation and your skin is losing its natural oil.  Sometimes a mature skin can be dry because of not exfoliating enough! That's why sometimes your skin can look tired & dull or is dry even though you moisturise all the time.

So let's have a look at this ....

A dry skin in a younger person may be because of over exfoliation or perhaps you are using a cleanser that is meant for an oily skin.  A dry skin cleanser should not strip the skin, but look after your natural moisturising barrier which is there to keep in water and protect it from pollutants and drying out.  A cleanser which gives a great clean without stripping is our Aspect Gentle Clean Cleanser which will give a great fresh feeling without stripping the skin.

A mature skin cleanser will sometimes be a thicker nurturing cleanser to nourish a skin which is losing its oil because of age.  It is often the case that the more mature the skin the more it loves the richness of a cream cleanser.  Have a look at our Natures Cleansing Milk

Anti ageing skin cleansers will clean the skin well, keeping it devoid of heavy, ashen looking dead skin cells and give the skin that fresh, light feeling.  Sometimes an anti ageing cleanser will have in it a small percentage of lactic fruit acids.  My favourite anti ageing skin cleanser is Purastat 5 for it cleans, nourishes and restores.

Cleansing for all skins is the first step in a good skin care regime.  Try not to neglect this important part of keeping your skin healthy and clean.  If you are wearing make up you will need to double cleanse - once to remove the make up and once to actually clean your skin.  Sometimes people will use a facial wipe for the first step and then their specific cleanser for the second cleanse.

Another fabulous item is a skin cleansing brush it will give that extra dimension to your cleanser to make it even more effective.  Once a day with your cleansing brush is usually enough as it will feel a bit sore if you overdo it.  A cleansing brush gives a great clean feeling without reaching for the exfoliant.

So whether you have a dry skin, a mature skin or focussing on anti-ageing remember - good cleansing and exfoliation, effective serums, magic moisturisers and excellent sunscreens.