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Normal, Combination Skin Cleansers

Normal, combination skin cleansers

If you class your skin as a normal combination skin it is usually easy to care for with possibly the occasional breakout in the T zone (forehead, nose & chin).  Sometimes it is the cheek section which is drier than the rest.  This can caused by using the same products for all areas and treating all your face as if it were oily.

A normal skin usually presents as having no or few imperfections, the oil is in balance with no sensitivities or large pores.  I guess we would all love to have it and yes, it is easier to look after.  A normal skin care regime usually looks after this type of skin but remember sunscreens are a must so that you can protect it from damaging UV.  Any of the cleansers below would be fine so you can see which one you like best.

A combination skin is fine in some areas and oilier in others.  A combination skin can present with slightly enlarged pores and blackheads in certain areas (usually the T zone), a bit of a shiny skin.  A great combination skin cleanser for you to try first would be the Fullers Earth Face Wash.  This has a great price point and is particularly effective for a younger skin with congestion beginning in the T zone area.

It is okay to treat different sections with different products.  If it is the T zone which gets oily and you want to use a clay masque (to draw out impurities) just put the masque on that  area.  Also if you were wanting to use a hydrating masque you can just put it on the other areas of the face.

If your normal or combination skin is causing you problems have a good a what you are using and change it.  Try something else, something more natural could be the answer.  In a lot of chemical based cleansers there are a lot of ingredients that are definitely not good for you or your precious skin.