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Sensitive, Rosacea Skin Cleansers

Sensitive, Rosacea Skin Cleansers

If you have the type of skin that seems to react to EVERYTHING it is time to look after it with the right types of products for YOU!

Firstly work at reducing or eliminating the triggers - Hot, spicy food, wind, alcohol, smoking, hot drinks, hot showers, Benzoyl Peroxide, sun exposure, detergents, artifically fragranced soaps and cleansers and chemical sunscreens.

Also if you are older there is a perimenopausal (the 10 years before menopause) link to particularly a Rosacea skin.  A doctor will diagnose a true Rosacea condition.

Natural, hydrating & calming products are best to soothe the skin to reduce the water loss which creates dryness.  There is a huge market out there for the right sensitive skin cleansers (I've had a look), people with a sensitive skin or a rosacea skin will try anything to feel a soft nourished feeling when they touch their skin.  It seems just as much about what to avoid (chemicals and feel good additives) as it is about what you need.  Keeping to organic and natural skin care products will make your decision easier as well as doing the absolute best for you and your skin.

Sensitive Skin Cleansers

A sensitive skin is particularly sensitive to perfumes and chemicals.  Using organic and natural products is a great way to look after your skin, nourishingly.  A lot of sensitive skin cleansers contain SLS's (using palm oil) and parabens (preservatives) and rely on an emollient (wax like ingredient) to make the skin softer (only on the surface). Have a good look at your current cleanser and check the ingredients - it is probably making the problem worse.

Rosacea Skin Cleansers

Some people with this condition have said they are too scared to cleanse or exfoliate and are just at a loss of what to use.  As with a sensitive skin cleanser, a rosacea skin cleanser should cleanse without the use of perfumes, chemicals or any drying ingredients.

Sensitive, Rosacea skin triggers to avoid