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Face Masks

Face Masks

Face masks are a wonderful way to boost your skin.  Organic and natural face masks are even better!

Masks can re-hydrate a dry, sun or wind damaged skin by infusing concentrated ingredients to moisten, soften and soothe.  A good hydration mask will include such ingredients as aloe vera, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil and vitamins.  Rehydration of the skin is important to keep those wrinkles at bay.  With UV damage being the top cause of wrinkles, dehydration is second.  The wind, hot water, UV rays, salt water, air conditioning and lack of good skin care products, not drinking enough water, all cause dehydration so a face mask once per week is a great way to combat the signs of ageing.

If your skin needs a vitamin pick-me-up, face masks can give you that extra glow and that 'special' feeling before an event or night out.

Face masks can also purify your skin if you have a problem with breakouts.  It can detoxify and draw out impurities to lessen breakout and face masks for this concern usually contain clay which is a great product to draw out toxins.  Often kaolin or bentonite clays are used for this purpose but used with other ingredients to also moisturise the skin so as not to dry it out too much.

When to use a face mask

Your face mask should be applied to a clean and ideally an exfoliated skin (for best results), wash off with warm water and then apply your serum and moisturiser.  A face mask should be part of your skin regime once per week.  It's like giving yourself a mini facial!

Try to take the time to relax and deeply enjoy the experience.  Lay on your back, legs slightly raised, possibly wheat pillow to cover your eyes and just let go of your thoughts for a little while this will look after the wellness of your whole body and mind.