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Face Scrubs & Exfoliants

Face Scrubs and Exfoliants

Our face scrubs and exfoliants smooth your skin without harsh chemicals.  Choosing the best face scrub and exfoliant for your skin is important to get the best results - smooth, deeply clean skin!

Why do I even need to exfoliate?

The natural exfoliation of the skin occurs about every 28 days.  This is where the dead skin cells are shed from the outermost layer of your skin.  In a perfect world this sounds easy ... but your skin also 'peaks' at 25! This is when everything is working properly.  If you have a fabulous natural balanced skin and have a good skin care regime exfoliating will not necessarily be your top priority (hydration and protection will be).  But even a 'fabulous' skin can get clogged from dirt, grime and make up and we all know that a pick-me-up exfoliation gets that smooth skin back.  This is where face scrubs and exfoliants come in.

If you have a younger skin and are getting breakout this may be caused by dirt, make-up, and too much oil blocking your pores so you need a good cleanser and an extra bit of exfoliation to keep your skin clean.  Have a look at some of the causes of skin congestion.  Face scrubs and exfoliants for a blemished skin need to be effective without stripping the skin of its natural oils as this will then create dryness and often sensitivities.

Face scrubs and exfoliants for an older skin will give you a revitalised look.  We know, as we age, everything slows down and our skin gets very lazy.  If you want a glowing fresh looking skin you must exfoliate your skin yourself to keep it free of heavy, grey-looking, wrinkle-helping dead skin cells.  You probably already know the lighter feeling your skin has after a face scrub this is because dead skin cells are heavy.

What face scrub and exfoliant is right for me?

There are different types of ways to exfoliate your skin.  One is to use a scrub (great for a thicker, congested skin) or a softer enzyme exfoliant (these are great for a sensitive or thinner skin) as it gently works to create a soft smooth skin.

A face scrub usually contains some sort of granules again these can be soft or quite large and abrasive.  As a therapist I think it is a great idea to steer away from the larger granules or anything that is actually just scratching the skin.  The scrubs with the softer granules are usually designed for everyday use and people do seem to like that everyday scrub.  Keep in mind that it is important to not overexfoliate the skin, using granules everyday may cause irritation and water loss.

If you love that freshly scrubbed feeling try to cleanse with a cleansing brush once per day instead and stick to a once per week face scrub.

The other way to exfoliate your skin is to use an enzyme exfoliant.  The fruit enzymes in these products soften dead skin cells gently, as well as putting nutrients into your skin.  Enzyme exfoliants are fabulous for a sensitive, rosacea and reactive skin.  Exfol L by Aspect is an enzyme exfoliant that can be put on the skin each night to keep a smooth skin and work at lessening those little bumps that often appear.

Using face scrubs and exfoliants is a great way to have a fresher looking skin but .... yes, don't over exfoliate as this can damage your skin's natural moisture barrier which will then leave your skin red, dry and irritated.