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Face Serums

Face Serums

Face serums are the secret of a great healthy skin.  Organic and natural face serums will hydrate a dry skin, reduce bacteria on a blemished skin and calm a sensitive, rosacea or reactive skin.  There are also vitamin serums to give your skin an extra boost and face serums used for reducing pigmentation.  So why wouldn't you use one?

Different face serums are for different skin concerns and are as individual as you are.  If you think your skin needs extra help battling your concern adding a face serum to your regime could be just the answer for you.

A lot of face serums are for extra vitamins to your skin.  A good example would be a Vitamin C serum which can tackle ageing at a deep level using peptides, antioxidants and corrective botanicals.  A good vitamin C serum will not contain useless additives to 'fill out' the product, but will contain ingredients to make it suitable for all skin types (sensitive included)

Face serums for a blemished skin should not contain peroxides, alcohol or sulphur which will only strip, degrease and dry out the problem.  This is also counterproductive as it causes the body to respond with even more pore clogging oil to combat the dryness creating a self defeting vicious cycle. A face serum for an spotty, excessively oil or impure skin needs to address these problems deep down where they are occuring without harsh side effects such as redness, dryness and irritation.

Often people don't think of face serums when they have pigmentation problems.  Age spots, brown spots, freckles, hormonal marks, blotchy uneven skin tones, red, brown acne scars these are all pigmentation issues which can be addressed with skin care and problem specific face serums.  Dangerous chemical 'skin lighteners' have been banned from sale in many countries for good reason and a good pigmentation face serum can combat the problem without the burning, irritation and trauma.  Face serums for pigmentation are often accompanied by specific exfoliation products to get the best result.  

Face serums for dehydration are probably the most commonly used serums. Taken to the extreme this can cause redness, sensitivity, tightness, itchiness, flaky and just a uncomfortably dry skin.  The richness of a face serum for hydration is a welcome relief to an otherwise traumatised skin.  A dry skin can have fine, micro cracks (think dry lips) and the skin's balance is impaired.  A dry skin will also age sooner with fine lines appearing deeper.

Your serums are applied after cleansing and before your moisturiser within your skin care regime.