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A good moisturiser should restore vital moisture reserves, ward off the visible signs of ageing and cosmetically correct the effects of time in no time at all.  A moisturiser will protect and revitalise and help keep your skin looking younger.

Your skin will need different moisturisers according to your age, lifestyle, skin condition and concerns.  No wonder there are so many moisturisers on the market today and finding the right one for you can be expensive and frustrating.

Everyone seems to like something different in their own moisturiser.  Some go for texture, some for a nice scent and some just want something that does the job and they can use day and night.  Let's have a look at a few things about moisturisers.

If you are shopping on this website I think there are a few things that we agree we don't want in our moisturisers - no palm oil, not tested on animals, natural, organic, no artificial fragrances or parabens, no chemicals.  But we do want ingredients that will work to protect, nourish and sometimes help control problem skin.

The wrong moisturiser will leave your skin undernourished if you need moisture and overwhelmed if you really do need a lighter moisturiser.  Your needs for a moisturiser will change as you age so don't stick to a moisturiser if it really isn't working for you.  Don't be afraid to try something different even for different seasons of the year.

Moisturisers are important so in each description of our moisturisers I go in depth to find out just what the ingredients are going to do for you, so that you can best choose the right one to address your own skin needs.

Something to remember about moisturisers is that they are only effective on a completely cleansed skin.  Also some clients have said "I moisturise all the time and my skin is still dry" this is where I have a look at their exfoliation regime and often discover that they don't exfoliate at all.  So here is their problem, if your skin is not thoroughly cleansed and if your age requires regular exfoliation, your moisturiser cannot get through at all.

Don't forget that the moisturiser cannot get through layers of make-up, dirt, grime and/or dead skin cells and will just sit on top of your skin not nourishing deeper at all.

In your skin care regime your moisturiser is the last cream to go on at night, and the second last during the day (before your sunscreen).