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Toners and Mists

Toners and Mists

Our toners and mists will give you that beautiful feeling of freshness all day.  Organic and natural toners and mists to hydrate and nourish your skin to show vitality and health.

The old story on toners was for pH balancing after cleansing and further removing anything that your cleanser did not to achieve a squeaky clean - (sometimes this was actually quiet stingy due to the alcohol) but now toners, mists and tonics are actually quiet hydrating and packed with active ingredients to treat and soothe the skin.

A toner or mist in your skin care regime will refresh and invigorate while adding the benefits of botanical blends.  Really a facial mist or tonic can be used at any time of the day when your skin needs refreshing and invigorating.  A daily spray will restore hydration to the complexion and is great for a pick-me-up.

Our toners and mists will not dry out your complexion but leave it feeling healthy and fresh.  Think rose water, organic cucumber, coconut water, ylang ylang essential oil these are just some of the ingredients in our products.  Our toners and mists do not contain any chemicals, are of course cruelty free and palm oil free.

All our toners and mists are suitable for any skin type.  Just either spray into the air above the face and let the fine mist settle on the skin and pat in or place a few drops on a moist cotton round and apply to the face in long upward strokes.  A mist or hydrating spray can also be used over your make up to settle your powder or pop it into your handbag or the car for anytime you need refreshing.

In your skin care regime toners and mists are used after cleansing and before any serums and moisturisers.